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Message from the Superintendent

Dear School Community:

The 2013-2014 school year will be an exciting new year for our community and board members, our parents and families, our staff and most of all, our students.  Johnstonville Elementary School is quickly becoming a school of choice.  You may be wondering why I have stated this and this is the reason why.

Our school has the most predictive student achievement and assessment system that it ever has had before.  Students are assessed using multiple assessments on a regular basis so the public, board members, parents, teachers, and the students themselves know exactly what the students know in Reading, Mathematics, Language Usage, and Science.  We are proud of our students and their academic achievement and now we have assessment data to prove it.  The data is used to provide interventions and accelerations for each student and groups of students.

This year we will begin to implement the Common Core State Standards.  You will notice a different curriculum being taught at Johnstonville Elementary School this year.  Our school has adopted a nationally recognized reading program called “Success For All.”  Students are placed according to their knowledge and skill levels in reading while the curriculum provides for differentiated instruction.  At the middle school level our mathematics department will be piloting an integrated approach to mathematics.  Here at Johnstonville Elementary School our goal is to have all students Algebra ready as they leave our school.  Let’s not forget the new adoption of full day Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten.  Our school will afford our youngest students a quality primary experience through extending the day and by providing research-based curriculum.

Finally, Johnstonville Elementary school has become a safer environment for all students to learn and teachers to teach.  The school has updated its school safety plan and procedures, installed a new P.A. system, a camera security system, and relocated the offices and classrooms in order to ensure student safety.  Come visit our school, walk the campus, and observe teaching and learning!

Together in Education – Roy J. Casey, Superintendent

Principal's Message

Welcome to Johnstonville Elementary School!

The staff at Johnstonville school and our community are dedicated to the social and academic success of all students. This success begins with a safe, supportive environment focused on literacy and social growth. Staff and students engage in our recently adopted Common Core Standards based reading program, Success For All. The program focuses on the whole child and has at its root the goal of having all students at or above grade level in reading by third grade within three years of implementation.

We are dedicated to the belief that all students deserve the opportunity to be educated in a way that prepares them for college should they chose to attend. We begin this year adopting and preparing our application to “No Excuse University.” This application is dependent upon the adoption and establishment of a school community that believes that all students can learn and that it is the school’s job to make this happen.

Student success at our school depends on all stakeholders coming together in support of what is good for kids. Please join us in the mission of “achieving academic and student success for all.”

Please feel free to contact me either by email at dhowe@johnstonvilleusd.org or call me at 257-2471.

Dawn German-Howe, Principal